Thursday, 16 June 2011

Stumpwork workshop

Stumpwork workshop

Nicola Hilton, whose credentials include a stint at the Royal School of Needlework, led an intensive but cheerful workshop on 28 October. Eleven branch members took part with the aim of leaving with a nearly-completed stumpwork name badge. Beaded grapes, 3D leaves and tendrils, berries and a ladybird were our challenges. Nicola made sure we all understood and had a go at each technique. As a result we have already seen one finished badge and two box lids featuring the design, and several more pieces are well on the way. Good fun was had by all and a satisfying outcome was achieved.

Maggie Rubin: Back to university

Back in October we heard from our very own Maggie Rubin about her adventures going back to university. Maggie explained how she came to return to university to study embroidery and how her fascination with Stumpwork evolved. We all marvelled at her beautiful work and were astonished by how much Maggie fits in to a day!!!!


Maggie with her beautiful samples

More samples and some finished work: stunning!

An Apology and an Update

First: apologies for the lack of updates on the blog: this has been due to technical difficulties, illness and a new puppy all of which are now sorted!!

Silence on the blog does not however mean that the branch has been quiet.  Far from it!  We have amongst other things had talks from our own members on their travels and studies, laughed at Sue Warburton's stories of her life and quilts, and got started on our postcard projects.  Updates from all our meetings will be here soon.